ABCs Of Water Filtration Systems

In recent years, water filters have become widespread, systems that can be installed directly at home to remove impurities as well as harmful micro-organisms from the water. In principle, the water is purified because without the purification it is not drinkable. The tap water that we drink is purified, and even if we do not purify it, it is purified by those who supply us with water at the source.

Bottled water, on the other hand, is not purified, if it is natural mineral water because by law the spring water must not be altered by the company, but only bottled. Water can be drinkable, and it is if it complies with a whole series of parameters that are now deafened and known by science and also by law. If even one of the parameters is out of the norm, the water is not drinkable, and you have to act accordingly with disinfection or purification, depending on which parameter is not making it drinkable.

To find out if the water is drinkable or not, we need to contact an authorized laboratory; generally laboratories that do blood tests (private, not public ones) can also analyze the samples of our water and tell us if it is drinkable and, if it is not, why; based on what is the cause of the non-potability we can choose the best purifier.

The water that should be purified is that taken from an unclassified source, or from a well that is not connected to the aqueduct but directly to the water table (in the countryside there are); water that has a strange color, or that has a strange taste for any reason worth analyzing first and then purified to be able to drink safely.

Water filter reviews: Why purify the water?

There are also portable systems, which are less expensive (but also much less sophisticated): the filtering carafes. Someone, then, purifies the water for reasons of taste, limestone or even on a less scientific basis, demonstrations of those who sell the treatment plants. The advice is, in these cases, to analyze the water before proceeding with the purchase, then proceed only after acquiring additional information.

The water purifier, moreover, serves only when the water is not drinkable, not (as happens with that of the tap) when someone else has already purified it.

Water filtration systems

The problem of choosing a home purifier depends essentially on what we want to solve. In fact, there are people who have problems with limescale in household appliances, others with the taste of water, others with color, for other situations there is a proliferation of bacteria, therefore the transmission of infectious diseases.

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