Why is Water Heater Leaking from Bottom?

Water heater leaking from bottom is a common household problem. Some people may even experience this pesky predicament more than once and it could reoccur if not dealt with properly. So it’s best to know the causes and the solutions to this problem so that the next time you experience it, you can get rid of the whole problem altogether.Hot-Water-Heater-Leaking-from-Bottom

Causes and Solutions

Problem with the temperature and pressure relief valve

The temperature and pressure relief valve is the one responsible for regulating the pressure and temperature inside your hot water tank. It has the ability to discharge water into the floor if the pressure gets too high or the temperature gets unbearably hot. It does serve its purpose. However, whenever it does release water, it drains down to the bottom and it can be very dangerous. If this happens, then the first thing you should do is to check the valve. If it’s a bit moist, then most likely, it did release the water because of the temperature or pressure inside. You can either try to adjust the temperature or pressure inside yourself. If that does not help and you still see a leak, then most likely, you will need to replace your temperature and pressure valve.  In this case, you will need the assistance of a professional plumber.


Leak From the Tank Itself

This is the most common cause of having leaking water heater. You won’t see the problem simply by looking at the tank because the damage is usually internal. The tank is not merely a tank since it has the feature of heating and it has a lot of components inside. If the tank is old, there could be sediment build up inside. Cleaning may not be enough since these sediments could cause cracks that could damage the tank permanently. Further investigation is needed to fix this problem and the possibility of purchasing a whole new water heater could be required. If repairs are done, the possibility of the problem coming back is very high.

Leak from the Drain Valve

There is another valve located at the bottom of the tank which is the drain valve. Its role is to drain whatever sediments could build up. If the valve is damaged, it will begin to leak continuously and could create a pool of water below the tank which is, again, very dangerous.  This valve, as opposed to the temperature and pressure relief valve may be fixed easily by a plumber or by you as long as you have the tools needed. But if worse comes to worse, you can just buy a new drain valve so you can avoid the problem from happening again.Leak-From-the-Drain-Valve


Overall, hot water tank leaking from bottom is very alarming. It can cause many problems and accidents and, of course, it is a waste of water. If you’ve noticed, what could really cause leaks from the bottom is sediment build up. Thus, you must check this regularly and prevent it by flushing the hot water tank once or twice a year.


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